Surrey County Council


Written by:
Ffion Grosvenor,
Lead Practice Director

The Problem

SCC encountered persistent challenges characterised by staffing shortages and obstacles in filling substantive positions over an extended period. In response to these issues, the focus was directed towards the recruitment of Educational Psychologists who not only possessed the necessary qualifications but also met the stringent criteria outlined by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The primary objective was to address these staffing gaps promptly and efficiently, ensuring that qualified professionals were brought on board in alignment with the specified criteria, thereby enhancing the overall capacity and capability of the team.

The Solution

Recognising the critical need to address our staff shortage, we sought the expertise of Panoramic Associates as our strategic recruitment partner. In our collaborative engagement, Panoramic Associates conducted a comprehensive briefing session with us to gain a thorough understanding of our current circumstances and specific requirements. This involved delving into the intricacies of our staffing challenges, as well as the unique qualifications and skills needed for the vacant positions. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of our situation, Panoramic Associates diligently crafted a tailored proposal outlining suitable candidates who not only met our criteria but also demonstrated the capability to contribute effectively to our team. This collaborative approach ensured that the candidates presented were not just qualified on paper but aligned seamlessly with our organisational needs and goals, facilitating a streamlined and effective recruitment process.

The Result

Panoramic Associates has consistently demonstrated a commendable standard of excellence in delivering highly qualified candidates to SCC. Their commitment to ensuring the utmost quality is evident through their meticulous evaluation of candidates’ experiences and the provision of detailed CVs. This thorough approach has proven invaluable in helping SCC make informed decisions in the recruitment process.

Moreover, Panoramic Associates has gone above and beyond by furnishing example anonymised reports, offering SCC a transparent insight into the calibre of candidates they bring to the table. These reports serve as a testament to the thorough vetting process undertaken by Panoramic Associates, instilling confidence in SCC regarding the proficiency and suitability of the candidates presented.

In addition to their expertise in permanent placements, Panoramic Associates has played a pivotal role in addressing SCC’s challenges in recruiting for substantive posts. Recognising the difficulties faced in filling these positions, they have provided a flexible solution by assisting in the management of ongoing demand through the placement of locum staff. This strategic approach not only showcases Panoramic Associates’ adaptability but also underscores their commitment to helping SCC build and maintain a capable and efficient team.

Overall, Panoramic Associates has proven to be a reliable and supportive partner for SCC, offering a comprehensive suite of services that extends beyond traditional recruitment. Their dedication to understanding SCC’s unique needs and challenges sets them apart, making them an integral part of the organisation’s efforts to enhance team capacity and overall effectiveness.

“Panoramic Associates have been very professional and transparent in all our dealings. They have worked well in developing a relationship with us, including being supportive in the slightly challenging situation of ongoing resourcing into four different areas, involving liaising with different managers. Panoramic Associates have been reliable, quick to respond to queries and easily accessible. We appreciate your ongoing support.” 
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