Streamlined talent acquisition with advanced RPO solutions

Our RPO model can support part or all your company’s hiring, allowing you to control time and cost.

We will work with you on matching quality candidates so they are ready when YOU need them most. We will free up hours in your day-to-day operations, whilst still delivering our highest performance throughout your company. We provide an Account Manager, centralised MI along with your bespoke Applicant Tracking System.

Working as an extension of your team, our approach will allow you to control spending and streamline your processes, whilst still providing flexibility for future growth opportunities – freeing you up to do your day job!

What To Expect:

  • ​A bench of top talent ready for projects​
  • The ability to scale with confidence
  • Diverse candidate attraction strategies
  • Highly effective and efficient recruitment processes
  • Improved candidate experience
  • De-risking the use of contractors

Service Benefits:

  • Highest quality talent
  • Full contractor management
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Full PSL management
  • Account management
  • Full management of recruitment administration
  • D&I consultancy
  • MI reporting