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Taking your team to the next level.


Public Sector

Panoramic Associates is a leader in Public Sector recruitment, partnering with over 85% of UK local authorities.


Private Sector

We are the go-to partner for companies seeking to enhance their teams with top-tier talent.

Recruitment Partnership

We provide versatile Recruitment Partnership solutions, including our Exclusive Model and Retained Search, offering structured timelines and deliverables.


We stand out with innovative, tech-driven campaigns, delivering diverse, top-tier talent that enhances your organisation beyond skillset and values.


Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing model offers customisable, technology-driven process, fully managing part or all of your hiring needs.

Statement of Work

Our consultancy talent solution delivers you with expert, risk-shared solutions with clear outcomes, timelines, and governance for all of your project needs.

Employer Brand & EVP

We tailor your employer brand and Employee Value Proposition to stand out in your industry, attracting top talent and enhancing candidate engagement.

Empowering your organisation with exceptional talent

Our approach is more than just filling positions. We focus on understanding the unique culture and objectives of your organisation, ensuring that the professionals we connect you with are not only skilled but also align with your vision and values.

Our service is focused on understanding your unique needs, ensuring we deliver talent solutions that achieve both immediate impact and long-term success. Whether it’s enhancing your leadership, boosting creativity, or strengthening technical skills, we’re committed to supporting your goals.

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