Fulkers Bailey Russell


Written by:
Dan Bown,
Lead Senior Consultant

The Problem

Fulkers had recently (18 Months) opened an office in Brighton to service a number of high profile clients in the area. They were looking for a very senior Project Manager (Associate Director level) that would be able to win new business locally on the South Coast and also be experienced enough to be credible to their existing clients. The majoring of candidates that had received direct and from other recruiters didn’t have great tenure and Fulkers weren’t convinced they would be with them long term. Fulkers had been looking to fill the position for 6 months.

The Solution

When I qualified the role they explained in detail the type of profile they were interested in and expressed concerns that what they were looking for might not exist in the area. With this in mind I followed my Job working process with a focus on London based candidates that might have an interest in relocating to Brighton. I started by posting an advert in Brighton but also one in London to try and attract candidates that might look to relocate. The next step in my process was to create a LinkedIn post,  search our data base and also the main CV database (CV Library, Jobsite & Reed). Unfortunately this didn’t attract any candidates that were strong enough to be submitted as they were comparable to those that had already been submitted.

The final stage was to conduct a LinkedIn project and reach out to a number of connections and ask for referrals. The LinkedIn project was successful and I had a number of workable candidates express an interest, from these candidates I was able to whittle it down to the best 2 (the client didn’t want to be inundated with CVs) of the 2 sent they really liked the look of one of the candidates.

The Result

Fulkers interviewed their preferred candidate and were very impressed with their mindset, experience and tenure. 4 interviews (Teams and face to face) late and they made an offer to the candidate of £87,000. Fulkers were very happy with the service I provided and over joyed top have secured the candidate that exactly fitted their requirements.


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