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Written by:
Ffion Grosvenor,
Lead Practice Director

The Problem

In February 2020 Birmingham’s multi-agency SEND Improvement Programme instigated a recovery project to action outstanding annual review paperwork with a challenging deadline, meaning we had a tight timescale to get resources operational. Attempts to source office-based resource proved problematic in terms of:

  • Sourcing and interviewing the number of resources required.
  • Sourcing and locating laptops (and office space at that time).

Whilst working through options with IT we identified that we could recruit remote workers and so we started to explore this option with agencies (it is worth highlighting that this was pre-lockdown and MS teams was not in everyday use within the LA).

The Solution

Panoramic Associates demonstrated exceptional efficiency and professionalism in their proposal to source our entire team. Their commitment to promptly delivering 10 team members within the first week and an additional 10 in the following week showcased their dedication to meeting our staffing needs with a sense of urgency.

One of the notable aspects of their collaboration was the meticulous planning and coordination involved in setting daily targets for the officers. Panoramic Associates not only understood our requirements but also actively engaged with us to align the team’s objectives with our organisational goals. This level of involvement and strategic thinking ensured that the recruited team members were not only qualified but also equipped to contribute effectively to our project.

Additionally, the workload involved in the setup was significantly alleviated through Panoramic Associates’ efforts. Their proactive approach in contracting team members based on the confirmed daily targets meant that we could seamlessly integrate new personnel without compromising the quality of our operations. This not only saved us valuable time and resources but also allowed us to focus on other critical aspects of our business, confident in the knowledge that the staffing process was in capable hands.

The Result

Panoramic Associates not only fulfilled their commitment to provide us with a ready-to-start team but also demonstrated a commendable level of ongoing support through consistent communication. The resources they brought on board were well-prepared and equipped to commence their roles, aligning seamlessly with the timeline promised during the initial stages of the collaboration.

What truly sets Panoramic Associates apart is their proactive approach to communication. They maintained a steady flow of updates, flagging any concerns or potential issues with the team, which allowed us to address and resolve issues promptly. This level of transparency and responsiveness created a collaborative and effective partnership, ensuring that our expectations were continuously met.

Furthermore, the reciprocal exchange of information added another layer to our collaboration. We shared output data with Panoramic Associates, enabling them to gain insights into the performance and productivity of the team members. This exchange facilitated open discussions about any challenges or areas of improvement, allowing us to collectively strategize and implement solutions. It not only showcased their commitment to the success of the project but also demonstrated their willingness to actively engage in collaborative problem-solving.

“We have retained a small number of officers to support ongoing service transformation and continue to be very happy with them and the service provided by Panoramic Associates. Panoramic Associates have, to date, made 90 placements at Birmingham County Council.”
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