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Written by:
Miles Pakeman,
Lead Senior Consultant

The Problem

The client is in a remote area, not one that many travel to for work. Through using their own supply list and framework, they went out to market to find candidates but fell short. The client couldn’t find candidates with the right skillset or experience. This effected the statutory time scales and the work that needed to be done. Due to this, they kept bringing employees on and then having to let them go, which became a waste of resources and time.

The Solution

Despite us not being on their framework, Panoramic Associates picked up a conversation with the Head of Service and took the time to understand their requirements and the problem they were having. Through a third-party supplier, we became part of their framework. Initially, the client was not open to bringing on remote staff, however, this is a challenging area to recruit for and remote working was not something they had engaged in before. Panoramic Associates widened the pool of talent by putting remote candidates forward, and we demonstrated that this was an efficient and effective way of working.

The Result

Due to this, the client has taken on 8 of our candidates in the past year, which were all specialist positions that they wouldn’t have found through their normal recruitment means. They now exclusively and solely use Panoramic Associates for SEN as we’re the best in the market. 4 people have already had their placements extended and have become role models for the rest of the team.


"Issy sent me appropriate applicants and arranged interviews quickly, communication throughout the process was quick and as a result I was able to appoint an appropriate candidate."
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Service Manager
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