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Isobel Astley-Cooper,

The Problem

In the beginning of the New Year 2022, Surrey were recruiting for an Interim Assessment Team Manager. There initial recruitment pathway used a framework with a generic Job Description this meant when going to market the position difficult to fill due to lack of information and key requirements the individual needed.

– The client had multiple candidates’ interview that weren’t successful and other CVs sent across that were not relevant to the role.

– Wasting client time and the role remained unfilled for numerous weeks.

The Solution

Panoramic Associates pushed for a call with the Line Manager who was recruiting the position to get a better understanding of the role and what the right candidate would look like to them. After an initial call Panoramic Associates were able to get the details required and flex the initial job description and pushed for interview slots and feedback in the next 2 working days allowing the Line Manager to compare multiple candidates with relevant experience.

The Result

The line manager had three shortlisted candidates interview back-to-back in the morning and was able to offer one of them by the afternoon. Meaning the following week, the individual could start and alleviate the stress on the line manager and the team.  Having a detailed understanding of role and structured communication allows for a quick turnaround in the process with the best outcome possible.


"Issy sent me appropriate applicants and arranged interviews quickly, communication throughout the process was quick and as a result I was able to appoint an appropriate candidate."
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Elaine Andrews
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Surrey CC
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