City of Wolverhampton


Written by:
Alex Miller,
Practice Director

The Problem

Our collaboration with WV Living and the Council in the realm of Housing Development roles was marked by a strategic and collaborative effort to enhance the recruitment process. As partners, we actively participated in defining meticulous job specifications that not only encapsulated the necessary skills but also reflected the unique aspects of each role. This process allowed us to tailor the opportunities to align seamlessly with WV Living’s brand, effectively leveraging its identity to attract top-tier talent.

In our joint efforts to take these opportunities to the market, we strategically utilised WV Living’s brand presence to underscore the detailed experience required for the roles. Through targeted marketing campaigns, we highlighted the distinctive advantages of working for WV Living, emphasising the associated opportunities for professional growth and development. This approach not only served to attract candidates with the requisite skills but also positioned WV Living as an employer of choice within the competitive housing development sector.

The culmination of these efforts was the presentation of strong shortlists to WV Living and the Council for the interview phase. The collaborative process of defining job specifications, leveraging brand identity, and strategically tapping into niche candidate pools resulted in a streamlined recruitment process. The candidates presented for interviews were not only well-qualified but also aligned with the values and goals of WV Living, setting the stage for successful recruitment outcomes.

The Solution

Our collaborative partnership with WV Living and the Council in the realm of Housing Development roles was marked by a comprehensive and strategic approach to recruitment. A pivotal aspect of this collaboration was our involvement in defining precise job specifications tailored to the unique requirements of the roles in question. Working closely with WV Living and the Council, we ensured that the job descriptions not only outlined the necessary skills and qualifications but also captured the essence of the organisation’s mission and values.

Utilising WV Living’s brand as a powerful tool, we embarked on a targeted marketing campaign that aimed to position the opportunities in a compelling light. Leveraging their brand identity, we crafted messages that not only emphasised the detailed experience expected from candidates but also showcased the distinctive benefits of being part of the WV Living team. This approach went beyond conventional job postings, creating a narrative that resonated with potential candidates and highlighted the meaningful contributions they could make within the context of WV Living’s housing development initiatives.

In addition to strategic job specification and brand-centric marketing, our collaboration extended to leveraging our extensive networks and niche candidate pools. Drawing on our industry connections and specialised knowledge, we were able to identify and engage with candidates possessing the specific skills and experiences required for success in Housing Development roles.

These efforts resulted in the generation of shortlists that reflected a balance of technical expertise and cultural fit. Candidates who advanced to the interview phase were not only well-qualified but also enthusiastic about contributing to WV Living’s mission.

The Result

Our successful collaboration with WV Living and the Council extended beyond the recruitment phase, culminating in the timely and efficient fulfilment of all identified roles. By leveraging our strategic approach to sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates, we played a crucial role in enabling our client to assemble the necessary staff promptly and within budget constraints.

The seamless onboarding of the selected candidates was a testament to the effectiveness of our recruitment process. By aligning candidates not only with the technical requirements of their respective roles but also with the overarching mission and values of WV Living, we ensured a cohesive and motivated team. This approach contributed not only to meeting staffing needs but also to creating a positive and productive work environment.

The contractors selected through our collaboration have since been integral to the operations of WV Living for a remarkable span of a year and six months. Their sustained presence underscores the stability and continuity we brought to the recruitment process. These professionals have played a pivotal role in unlocking and advancing WV Living’s housing pipeline, contributing significantly to the delivery of affordable housing solutions for the Wolverhampton area.

The impact of our successful recruitment efforts extends beyond staffing numbers. The contractors, having been on board for an extended period, have had the opportunity to deeply integrate into the organisation, gaining a nuanced understanding of its goals and challenges.

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