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Written by:
Lewis Gould,

The Problem

When the pandemic hit, BCP Council found that after an initial quiet period, they began to pick up a lot of requests for assessments from both schools and parents. Their staffing levels at this point were unable to meet deadlines. They were already using some locums, but these worked flexibly, and the supply was not able to meet the demand.

The Solution

BCP Council contacted Panoramic Associates having previously worked with them. After taking the full brief of requirements, Panoramic Associates promptly supplied a potential shortlist of locum EP’s, and we selected the most suitable to whittle down to a shortlist to fill the gaps.

The Result

The prompt response helped us to catch up on the demand on our resources whilst ensuring that these were completed within the required deadlines. Though we had hoped that things would quieten down, BCP Council remained busy with requests and in addition maternity leave with one of their permanent EP’s and therefore continue to require locums supplied by Panoramic Associates.

“Lewis and the team at Panoramic Associates have certainly done their part in bringing on locums quickly and effectively to fill the gap in the resources we required. We will have no issue with contacting them in the future for any further and ongoing resourcing requirements.” 
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