Thu Nov 2023

Substance Misuse Breakfast Briefing: LEROs, Engagement & Recovery Cities


Written by:
Mia Collett,
Business Manager

In this Substance Misuse Breakfast Briefing, we are joined by David Best, Professor of Addiction Recovery, presents on the following topics:

– Maximizing LEROs in the community
– Engaging with LEROs
– Addressing stigma and effective engagement with individuals dealing with substance misuse
– Exploring the KFC Model (Kirkham Family Connectors), which focuses on continuity of care by harnessing the strengths and assets of families
– Insights into Recovery Cities

David Best is the world’s first Professor of Addiction Recovery. He has moved to Leeds Trinity University from Derby University, where he undertook research around addiction recovery and desistance from crime, to become the world’s 1st Professor of Addiction Recovery.

He leads research into work on desistance from offending, recovery capital, and pathways to addiction recovery. He is also interested in social identity theory and its implications for recovery, recovery and desistance, addiction treatment effectiveness, prison and community connections, and family experiences of addiction and recovery.

Watch the meetup below.

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