Thu Mar 2024

Breakfast Briefing: Navigating S114 Notices for Public Sector Finance Leaders


Written by:
George Huke,
Senior Delivery Consultant

In this Public Sector Finance Breakfast Briefing, Clive Heaphy, Chief Executive at Middlesbrough Council, shares his insights into Navigating Section 114 Notices.

We are seeing an increase in the number of section 114 notices. A recent survey from the Local Government Association found that “almost one in five council leaders and chief executives in England […] think it is very or fairly likely that their chief finance officer will need to issue a Section 114 notice this year or next due to a lack of funding to keep key services running.”

With 42 years of experience in local government, Clive brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, particularly in dealing with authorities facing long-term challenges. This Breakfast Briefing unveils the layers of financial management that local authorities must juggle, highlighting the importance of sustainable spending, reserves, taxation, and the relationship between government officers and members.

Watch this Breakfast Briefing and discover the critical aspects of managing local government finances in today’s rapidly changing landscape:

  • Understand what triggers a section 114 notice and its immediate consequences for local authorities.
  • Explore the five key symptoms of financial stress that signal a local authority may be at risk.
  • Learn about the shift in funding from central government to local taxation and its impact on councils with a low tax base.
  • Gain insight into the risks and accountability measures involved in local government commercial ventures.
  • Hear Clive’s perspective on the future of local government finance, including the role of technology and the pressures on non-statutory services.

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