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Client Services

At Panoramic Associates, our range of client solutions enables knowledge-based, quality orientated services which truly stand out in our crowded industry.

We are justifiably proud of the extensive network of industry professionals we have developed over the years and it is this focus and drive that keeps us one step ahead in an increasingly candidate scarce marketplace

Our approach enables us to present opportunities to the wider market in creative and innovative ways. Our focus is always on building close partnerships with organisations and we understand the importance of our clients identifying and attracting the very best people in the market.

Our extensive knowledge, network and experience enable us to offer valuable advice and bespoke partnership-led solutions, taking the time to really understand our client requirements and find a solution tailored to you.

Talent Acquisition

Finding the right talent for your business.

Panoramic Associates will work with you as your preferred recruitment partner, we will be your first port of call as recruitment requirements arise (permanent & contract).

Our consultants are specialists in their market and are ideally placed to advise you on your recruitment needs and solutions.. We see our role as one where we not only listen to your requirements, but also offer advice and guidance on how hiring processes can be streamlined and enhanced to boost talent attraction campaigns.

Holding one of the largest candidate databases in the market, we have invested heavily in market mapping, applicant tracking and job board advertising to ensure that we have a market reach second to none. We actively run our own range of highly successful meetups to ensure we are ahead of the game, understand market trends and are meeting with the most engaged and skilled talent.

We build partnerships with our clients and get to know your culture, teams and individual needs to find you not only the top talent in the market but the best fit for your company.

Working with Panoramic Associates ensures:

  • Detailed understanding of technical and cultural requirements

  • Thorough interview of all applicants (including Panoramic View where appropriate)

  • Detailed checks on prospective candidates

  • Thorough 360° referencing process

  • Ongoing support throughout assignment / post placement

​We have a number of talent acquisition models, however two of the most popular include:

Exclusive Partners

With all the benefits of our contingent model, our exclusive model service ensures we work closely with you as your sole supplier for roles you are looking to fill with top industry talent.

Panoramic Associates take full responsibility for the success of the vacancy and switch delivery from a speed-based approach to a quality one. We have the time to do a deep dive into the market for you, making sure you and the candidates get the very best experience.

With the avoidance of contact from several agencies on the same role, the candidate (and hiring manager) experience is greatly improved ensuring more quality briefings, regular updates and detailed feedback.

Our exclusive relationship will mean that more time is spent on your roles, a greater knowledge is gained by us of your company, requirements and we have full accountability for filling them. Overall, this results in a greater success of the role being filled with the right person. ​

Retained Services

Our retained subscription model service allows you to control your spend with a monthly retained cost and ensures that one agency is accountable for the delivery of a body of work.

We provide you with a detailed structure and timelines for deliverables. The additional resource we are able to provide goes into candidate attraction, branding and the candidate interview / offer experience alongside the following benefits:

  • Structure and Timeline for Deliverables

  • Reduction in cost

  • Reduction in Time to Hire

  • Best in class Candidate Journey

  • Increased Candidate Retention

  • Guaranteed Delivery

  • Salary/Rate Surveys on Request

  • Clearly defined SLA's

  • Visibility of Commercials

  • Ability to scale with confidence

  • Exclusive talent


Outsourced Partner

A partnership to deliver the best solutions for you.

Panoramic Associates takes an agile approach to solving our clients talent projects. We partner with our clients to offer a variety of solutions including;

Tailored solutions to meet your requirements and adapt as you grow. We partner with our clients working as part of their team to achieve your targets, support your infrastructure and get you the best talent at the right time.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Working as an extension of your team, our bespoke RPO solution (which also incorporates our MSP solution) can support part, or all of, your company’s permanent or interim/contract hiring and much more. Panoramic Associates RPO will allow you to control spend via a fully managed, standardised, recruitment process across your organisation.

Working as an extension of your teams, our bespoke RPO solution combines the latest technology and recruitment expertise to deliver a full, agile, creative solution tailored around your specific needs. Panoramic Associates becomes your talent partner for all your recruitment - freeing you up to do your day job!

Panoramic Associates will provide an Account Manager, centralised Management Information and an Applicant Tracking System. With IR35 assessment on any new contractors (or on extension of existing contractors), through to management of the full contractor population.

Additional resources will be used in developing your Employer Brand and EVP via branded campaigns and candidate packs along with the full candidate offer and onboarding experience and management of other agencies if required.

Panoramic Associates becomes your talent partner and for all your recruitment, freeing you up to do your day job and providing you with;

  • ​A bench of top talent ready for projects​

  • The ability to scale with confidence

  • Diverse candidate attraction strategies

  • Highly effective and efficient recruitment processes

  • Improved candidate experience

  • De-risking the use of contractors

Master Service Provider (MSP)

Our MSP model is set up to assume primary responsibility for the management of sourcing, engagement, administration and compliance of your contractor population and can be tailored to best meet your requirements. The benefits of the service are improved compliance, risk control (significant reductions in risk,) reduced time to hire and time savings for HR and hiring managers.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), Panoramic Associates removes all of your tax risk and liability, and will achieve significant efficiencies from a contractual and compliance perspective whilst supplying you with the best talent in the market as and when you need it.

Additional MSP Services include:-

  • Compliance checks

  • Referencing

  • Reporting and monitoring

  • Selection and management of other suppliers, if required

  • Consolidating invoicing – monthly consolidated invoicing

  • Management of you contractor population – we can take over the management your whole contract population, regardless of source, further de-risking implied employment

  • Payrolling - including payrolling regardless of source (but under our management) of the contractor population



Panoramic Associates consultancy services provide a solutions-based approach to your project requirements.

​We set up Panoramic Associates Consultancy to provide a genuine alternative to the traditional Consultancies, System Integrators and Professional Services organisations who can be inflexible, restrictive and far too costly. We are experts in providing skilled resourcing and talent solutions far more quickly, flexibly and cost effectively.

Panoramic Associates have got experience of running Statement of Work (SoW) projects - putting in place project teams of specialist resources to deliver against specific requirements, usually with an urgent need!

Our approach is to carefully scope and plan the project with the client to ensure all requirements are fully understood, this includes drawing on the expertise of the resource we’d deploy on the project / project advisors – who will be individuals who have previously run similar projects.

Clients benefit from our expert talented resources but also our risk sharing approach, providing our outcome-based services which includes a specific set of deliverables, timelines, milestones, payment conditions and acceptance criteria and are supported with reporting, control and governance against the agreed outcomes.

Benefits of our consultancy services include:

  • Improved Project Delivery
    Rather than a traditional contractor approach where things are driven by timesheets, our resources are incentivised by the agreed deliverables, milestones and outcomes, meaning everyone remains focused. This often results in better value for money and making budgets go further.

  • Expert Resources
    Due to decades of developing networks, we can quickly access essential expertise, skills and resources.

  • Fast Deployment
    We can improve the speed of deployment and becoming productive with rapid contract and onboarding times.

  • Shared Risk
    Projects can be set up where a proportion or all of our charges will be payable following your acceptance of the agreed deliverables stated in the SoW.

  • Reducing Risk
    By controlling and governing compliance obligations we provide a ‘fully contracted-out service’ - as defined by HMRC, removing all your IR35 liabilities.

  • No IR35 Administration
    No Status Determination assessments/statements and we are the ones who need to manage any IR35 status disputes.

    Find out more on our IR35 solution here.