Mon Jan 2024

Panoramic Care becomes part of Panoramic Associates


Written by:
David Geaney,
Managing Director

We are delighted to share a momentous milestone as Panoramic Associates’ sister company, Panoramic Care, officially merges with us today!


This union within the Precision Resource Group (PRG) family symbolises a new era of growth and opportunity.

What’s Happening?

Panoramic Care was formed out of Panoramic Associates in 2018 and today we are reuniting the brands back under our flagship company bringing you the familiar, dedicated team you have valued. This move reflects our dedication to streamlining our business operations and increasing efficiency whilst maintaining the same commitment to excellence that you have come to expect from us.

What Does This Mean for You?

Our commitment remains steadfast; delivering the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from Panoramic Associates. This merger boosts our capabilities, offering an even broader spectrum of support and innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Discover More

We invite you to explore our newly launched Panoramic Associates website, designed with more resources and insights than ever before!

We are excited to continue our partnership under the Panoramic Associates brand, ready to support your future talent requirements in the Public and Private sectors with customised solutions across Health & Social CareEducationBuilt Environment, Change & Transformation and Corporate Services sectors. Find out more HERE.

For any queries, additional information, or specific needs, please feel free to reach out and get in touch HERE

Your partnership is invaluable, and we are enthusiastic about the enhanced possibilities and opportunities this new chapter will bring.


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    Sun Dec 2023

    Top 5 Reasons to Hire in December


    Written by:
    David Geaney,
    Managing Director

    In the build-up to Christmas, we know how tempting it can be to put off your recruitment till the new year. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s the best time of year to get hiring:

    1. January Demand

    January is well renowned as the busiest time for businesses hiring. Secure the best talent NOW rather than fighting for the best talent in the New Year.

    2. Avoid a Prolonged Start Date

    The recruitment process is commonly slow this time of year and many companies often chose to leave hiring until the New Year.  Get ahead of the game and ahead of the competition!

    3. Reduce Admin Time

    Get the admin out of the way before Christmas so you have a smaller workload coming into January when it is naturally busier.

    4. Candidate Security

    Candidate feels more comfortable knowing they have job security. Invite people in for intro days in December and start full time in the New Year to maintain interest, engagement and to feel part of the team.

    5. Festive Events

    Christmas (virtual) parties are a great way to integrate new members of staff and make them feel part of the team from the off. They can get to know the team at a time of year when things are more relaxed and jovial.


    Please get in touch today to find out how we can help with all your recruitment needs.

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      Tue Sep 2023

      Turning Rejection into Career Success


      Written by:
      Sophie Riddington,
      Lead Senior Delivery Consultant

      The job market is more volatile than it has ever been, with spiking unemployment rates powered by a global pandemic.

      Industries are seeing job applications in record numbers, and in turn, the rejection rates are through the roof.

      We have all applied for a job but weren’t hired. Very few people can say they haven’t experienced this, in fact, our unsuccessful job applications shape our careers just as much as our successes do.

      The fact that most job seekers will apply to many jobs before they land an offer shouldn’t discourage them. Though rejections are hard to accept, they are a necessary part of the process and offer opportunity for personal growth, learning and success.

      But how can you take a job rejection and turn it into a career success?

      • Ask for feedback

      The best and quickest way to improve at anything is to request constructive criticism from those who are knowledgeable and experts in their field; it’s invaluable. Self-analysis will only provide you with a one sided perspective as to why you weren’t the right person for the role.

      Gathering feedback after a rejection allows you to improve your interview skills, builds your self-promotion confidence and allows you to streamline your preparation for the next opportunity. Additionally, this demonstrates to a hiring manager their willingness to request criticism in order to better their abilities. This subsequently reiterates their dedication and interest in future roles with that particular company, allowing you to leave a lasting positive impression.


      • Build a Personal Development Plan

      Think about feedback from past rejections and appraisals. Are there any recurring themes?

      The challenge here is not to look at them as weaknesses, but to use them as a focus for the way you approach your preparation next time. In some cases, there may be training needed or a course you consider to help you develop.

      Admittedly, if those who were successful were hired based on employee referral, cultural fit or something intangible, setting a goal becomes difficult. However, if those who were successful have a degree or a specific number of years’ experience for instance, that makes your goal clearer. Turn these requirements into a plan, and think about the next steps you need to take to fill in your performance gaps and provide a timeline for each.


      • Be Resilient

      Our workplace environments are always rapidly changing; technologies accelerate and companies become more and more responsive. To turn your job rejections into career success, resilience is essential.

      It is important that you see each setback as a challenge, that you are able to bounce back and not let disappointment become all-encompassing. Overcoming obstacles on your career path will improve your chances of landing a well suited role. Make a point of staying constructive, strict on your timelines and do all you can to prepare for the next opportunity.


      Getting turned down from a job happens to everyone, so do not be disheartened. Be persistent with finding new avenues of self-improvement in your career and make sure your goals are in alignment with your abilities.

      Dealing with rejection is a bitter pill to swallow, but remember that it can be beneficial in the long run if you take the time to understand why. Learn from the experience, keep up the search and get back out there.

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        Mon Jul 2023

        Core Values to Look Out for When Applying for a Job


        Written by:
        Lauren Watts,
        Lead Principal Consultant

        With the recent impacts of Covid19, alongside an abundance of empty roles, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire new and inspired talent to their workforce.

        Here at Panoramic Associates, we believe it’s important for candidates to find companies that are fulfilling and motivating because despite the wide variety of jobs available at your fingertips, it’s important to scope out the field and assess the core values of each company you’re looking to interview with. Positive communication in conjunction with a company that makes time to understand their candidates’ motivations will undoubtedly draw your attention, but in today’s competitive working industry, what else should you be looking out for?

        A study by The Undercover Recruiter[i] ranked the most sought requirements by candidates, here are some of their findings below.

        Social Events, Interest, and Care

        It could be likely that you’re one of the many UK job seekers that values a positive and caring working environment higher than a superior pay cheque. According to Penketh Group ‘Long gone are the days when social interaction was considered slacking and workers were required to sit at their desks and not lift their heads until their to-do list was complete’[i]. Many offices competing for top talent should now offer a space for their employees to socialise alongside their daily job. When interviewing, is it immediately clear that the company values the interest of their employees? Have they gone beyond expectations to provide a workspace that is enjoyable, relaxing, and stimulating?

        In tandem with a wonderful workspace, does your chosen company offer social events and encourage out of office interaction? Working with a successful company is important but if social opportunities are not provided you could be left feeling alone and disconnected from your colleagues. Reach out to potential employers and note down what they offer their team.

        Since the pandemic, the support and care that a company offers has become the number one criterion for many jobhunters. You should stay vigilant for company’s that feed you a rose-tinted model of their business throughout the interview process. Choosing to seek 3rd party feedback from old and current employees can give you insight into whether the corporation truly goes above and beyond to make sure you have a healthy, supportive, and vibrant workplace.

        Economic and Developmental opportunities

        Even with the rise in interest of social and emotional advantages in professions, the economic side of your chosen position should not be left unchecked. Consider whether the salary is competitive, and if the company itself is financially secure.

        You could also question the recruiter about promotion viability. Many jobs will offer opportunities to upskill their employees and provide opportunities for career advancement, which is of high importance as it enables a secure and dynamic role for the future.


        To finish, remember to always be vocal about your requirements, these qualities should always be assessed regardless of what job you’re applying for. But remember that sadly, not all businesses provide their employees with these benefits and many will vary depending on your role within a company. The perfect job is what we all dream of, but this can be unrealistic. Compromise from both you and the corporation will ensure you both achieve a goal that encourages hard work, development, and support.


        [i] Rod McMillan, The Undercover Recruiter, The Six Core Values To Attract Candidates, https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/core-values-attract/, date unknown

        [ii] The Penketh Group, How Important Are Workplace Social Spaces, https://penkethgroup.com/knowledge-centre/important-workplace-social-spaces/, 2022

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          Sun Jan 2023

          The New Hybrid World of Recruitment


          Written by:
          Lewis Gould,

          It is fair to say that the last year and a half has shaken recruitment, as well as many other sectors.

          Enhanced by Covid-19, changes to the industry that naturally would have taken years have happened in a matter of months.

          Office based working disappeared overnight as many employees had to work from home. This may have had a positive outcome as companies have realised that business can carry on as usual, no matter where they’re based. In this way, the meaning of the word ‘workplace’ has changed quite drastically.

          What might this mean for recruitment? Digitisation.

          The past year has seen companies take a progressive approach to the hiring process. With digital hiring solutions such as online assessments and video interviewing on the up, the world of recruitment is a very different space to what it used to be. It is also fair to say that the virtual hiring process will not be a short-term replacement of face-to-face recruitment.

          The new process allows companies to cast their net wider when recruiting new hires. Online hiring solutions have improved the process when sifting through a larger candidate pool, especially now hybrid working has taken centre stage and candidates can apply from all over the country.

          Given now that almost the entire hiring process has become virtual, recruiters and employers are now able to select and assess talent from a distance. For instance, at Panoramic Associates, we utilise a tool called ‘Panoramic View’. This is a comprehensive, innovative, web-based video recruitment platform. This allows us to view candidates’ CV’s, view tailored interviews based on the clients choice of questions and offers easy sharing of the candidates video with managers and employers. Video interviews give the recruiter and employer a comprehensive view of the candidate, also allowing the interaction to be personal.

          However, many companies still feel that face-to-face screening and interviews are the way forward, and they’re not entirely wrong. Face-to-face interviews certainly do have their advantages; they allow for body language and facial expressions to be understood and identified more effectively, they can feel more personal and some say they have a greater commitment to participate when being interviewed in person.

          To ensure the quality of new hires, it is important that companies consider adapting their hiring process to the digital way of working. When done right, remote recruitment can save time, resources, hiring costs and provide opportunities to broaden the pool and calibre of candidates. However, these tools should supplement the recruitment  process, rather than replace human interaction altogether.

          The pandemic has flipped the world on its head, the traditional hiring process included. The majority have adapted to remote working, which has now become the new norm. However, if we can master the right balance between tradition and virtual, we are looking at a new hybrid world of recruitment.

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            Tue Mar 2022

            Should You Disclose Other Interviews?


            Written by:
            Decima Howard,
            Practice Delivery Director

            Throughout your job search, you may hear ‘Are you interviewing elsewhere?’ or ‘Are you considering other offers?’.

            On one side, if your other offers are not firm then this could influence their decision to pursue another candidate.

            However, others suggest that being honest is the best option. It also shows that you’re ready for a change.

            Specialising in the provision of permanent hires, executive search, senior interims and specialist contractor resources to the Public Sector and the Housing market, we spend a lot of time working with candidates who ask whether they should be open about other job interviews. Therefore, we recently conducted a poll to ask the thoughts of our network.

            We asked, do you think you should reveal that you’re interviewing elsewhere during your job search?

            Straight away, the scales tipped towards ‘Yes’, with 56% of voters insisting that you should reveal other interviews or opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:

            • It makes you appear ‘in-demand’. This shows the employer that you’re an astute candidate and that you may not be on the job market much longer. Which leads us on nicely to our next point…
            • It may speed up the process. If employers know you have interest elsewhere, this may get things in motion with their decision making.
            • It shows you have targeted your job applications effectively. By being honest about other interviews and offers, you appear to be well-organised and strategic in your job search, rather than applying for every job you could find. Furthermore, this implies you don’t accept a role just because it’s being offered to you!

            However, 22% of our voters claimed that you should not reveal other opportunities when being interviewed, and 22% of participants were unsure. We examined some of our direct responses:

            • The employer may not feel like your number one choice. If answering this question, your answer should convey that this interview is your priority. When reeling off a list of potential interviews and offers elsewhere, this may not help your case that you are fully dedicated to the opportunity.
            • You do not have to reveal extensive information. You are not required at any point to give away specific details about other employers that you are interviewing for. You can keep information general and show that you are actively looking, but revealing another employer’s name, for example, does not explicitly help your application.

            From our experience, being honest about opportunities elsewhere will work to your advantage throughout your job search. The idea is to be tactful when exploring your responses during interviews. We also received feedback from voters within recruitment contending that there is nothing wrong with disclosing other interviews and offers, and in fact, makes you appear capable and confident.

            ​Revealing such information must work to position you as an already in-demand and ideal candidate, and one who will not be available for much longer. This is what an employer wants you to be, and an interview is an opportunity for you to show this.


            Please get in touch to discuss any hiring queries you may have.

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