Wed Nov 2023

6 Strong Benefits of a Career in Education


Written by:
Ffion Grosvenor,
Lead Practice Director

Many careers offer an abundance of benefits both financial and interpersonal, but none are as rewarding as a career in education. Having the opportunity to make a tangible difference and shape the lives of young people is among the most rewarding of experiences.

Here are 6 great reasons to consider a career in education.

1. Enviable security

Undoubtedly, a career in education will provide you with a secure future and reliable income. Even in the face of economic disruption, you can feel steady knowing that your job will remain relatively unchanged. School systems are generally eager to retain staff, and therefore offer enviable development opportunities too.

2. Location Flexibility

Education exists in all corners of the globe, providing impressive opportunities for travel, nationwide relocation prospects, and a chance to search for a better quality of life alongside your career.

3. Express a passion for a subject you love

As an adult, it can be difficult to pursue subjects you love whilst working but with teaching you can continue to express your passion whilst passing it on to others!

4. A clear career path

If you have a desire to progress in your career, teaching will allow you to do so. From a teaching assistant to a Headteacher, the opportunities for progression are limitless.

5. More holiday than other employed colleagues

On average you will get more days holiday than colleagues in other professions. In school, full-time teachers work 195 days a year in comparison to around 227 days per year if you worked full-time in an office. More holiday means more opportunity to travel or a schedule that works great if you have your own family.

6. Inspire generations to come

Teaching is a career as rewarding as they come and gives you the power to help shape the lives of the nation’s young. If you have a passion for a subject, you can share your knowledge and inspire others to enjoy learning too.

A career in education is not an easy path, but it comes alongside many benefits to make the journey worthwhile. If you’re interested in a role within the education sector, our industry-wide expertise and immersive understanding of these sectors combined with our genuine passion to support and benefit the organisations we work with will make your journey as smooth and successful as possible. Following the increasing demand we have seen across the Education sector in the last few years, Panoramic Care successfully supports all types of schools and head offices with the delivery of highly skilled leaders on both an interim and permanent basis.

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