Tue Jul 2023

The Development & Regeneration Series – Working in the construction industry in the current climate


Written by:
Alex Miller,
Practice Director

In the latest instalment of The Development & Regeneration Series, Panoramic Associates’ Practice Director Alex Miller invited Roselyn Unegbu, an experienced Senior Leader within capital delivery, to address potential areas of focus and challenges in the current market.

In the video below, we covered the following:

– Why you work in the area that you do today?
– Why Local Government and not other sectors?
– Local Government pipeline debate – capacity vs capability
– Areas that restrict development – rising costs in building construction and changes in building regulations

And lots more.

I felt it was a very honest conversation not glossing over anything and really bringing the current circumstances to light. Thanks again Roselyn, I look forward to the next one!

It was insightful for all the attendees to share their views on the topic; it was also an environment to share innovative ideas that can be implemented in their respected councils/working practice.

Watch the meetup below.

We, at Panoramic Associates, thoroughly enjoy getting insights into our specialist market sectors, other organisations and perspectives. We run these events to build our collective knowledge and provide opportunities to create a network of like-minded individuals.

If you have any suggestions on future topics for our next event, or would be interested in attending, please contact Alex at [email protected].

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