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We Understand Your Challenges


Our Programme Team is highly experienced in managing and transforming passenger transport services within a medium / large authority – making significant savings and efficiencies alongside strategic and operational management, from SEN, Alternative Provision and mainstream home to school transport to social care transport and public transport.

You will be working closely with the programme lead, who is extremely experienced on the passenger transport supplier market, within a large, rural local authority – their experience covers all aspects of commissioning and contracting taxi and bus operators, as well as market engagement, management and development.



Highly experienced, industry and solution specific delivery consultants.

Our Consultants experienced in local authority decision making processes, transformation and stakeholder engagement.

Shared risk contracts.



Blended consultant target operating model, which enables us to give you access to a significant level of genuine expertise.

Continuous improvement and knowledge transfer are core elements in all delivered projects.

Cost saving and ROI forms a key element of our invest to save delivery.



Long-term partnership ethos

Proven Methodology

Engage- define – Implement – optimise – partner.

Flexible & tested change management processes, to create sustainable change.

Delivering Savings, Maximising Resources


Our invaluable experience base means that we understand the challenges you are facing, including those recently highlighted in the County Council Network’s report, ‘From Home to the Classroom: Making Travel to School Services Sustainable.’

We understand that costs are rising, passengers’ needs are complex, expectations are high and funding is low.

We also understand and have experience of implementing many solutions, including those highlighted in the recent ADEPT SEND Toolkit.

Our Team works with you to tailor solutions to fit your team and your challenges, to help you to manage high demand levels and reduce escalating expenditure levels.

We can support you in developing and delivering your productivity plans and transformation of services.

I am passionate about enabling people, teams and organisations to transform and thrive, benefitting society through their positive impact. During my 25+ year career, I have worked exclusively in the third and public sectors, transforming teams and organisations through designing and implementing change programmes. I operate at both strategic and operational levels, flexibly, transparently and inclusively. I challenge the status quo and constantly look for greater efficiency and effectiveness, focusing on continuous improvement that is possible alongside business-as-usual delivery.
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Verity Druce
Programme Lead

Our supplier market advisor is Gareth Cadmore, Commercial Director for EMED Community Care, with experience of delivering SEND passenger transport and operating in a public sector transport supplier market.


We believe that managing and developing passenger transport services requires an IT system that is fit for purpose. For that purpose, we have partnered with the developers of this system, which has already been successfully trialled in local authority transport teams. 

Consulting Team