Tue May 2024

Breaking Barriers and Empowering Adult Social Care


Written by:
Samuel Bos-Coley,
Lead Consultant

One key area often overlooked in our industries, is the profoundly impactful area of adult social care.

It’s a field dedicated to providing support and assistance to adults in need, often facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges. However, despite its crucial role adult social care can sometimes face barriers that hinder its effectiveness. Today, we’re looking into these barriers and discussing how we can collectively empower adult social care to ensure it thrives and serves its purpose to the fullest.


Understanding the Barriers

Before diving into the solutions, it’s essential to understand the challenges that adult social care currently face:

  • One of the most significant barriers is the issue of funding. Adult social care services often operate on tight budgets, limiting their ability to provide thorough support and invest in staff training and development.
  • The demand for adults social care is steadily increasing, yet there’s a shortage of skilled professionals to meet this demand. This shortage not only strains existing staff but also compromises the quality of care provided.
  • This sector often operates with fragmented systems, with various agencies and organisations involved in delivering services. This fragmentation can lead to gaps in care, communication breakdowns, and inefficiencies in service delivery.
  • Unfortunately, there’s still a prevalent stigma surrounding adult social care, most commonly in the private & third sector with misconceptions about the nature of the work and the individuals receiving care. This stigma can affect recruitment efforts and deter individuals from seeking help when needed.


To empower social care for adults, we must address several key areas. Advocating for increased funding is vital for the security of supportive adult social care. Adequate financial resources are essential for providing high-quality care, supporting staff training and development, and implementing innovative solutions to enhance service delivery.

Simultaneously, investing in workforce development is crucial. Care support will be elevated by addressing staffing shortages and ensuring staff possess the necessary skills and knowledge. This includes offering training opportunities, establishing career advancement pathways, and providing competitive compensation packages like those on offer in other sectors.  

Furthermore, promoting collaboration and integration within the adult social care sector is imperative. Removing gaps between agencies and organisations and streamlining service delivery processes are essential steps to ensure individuals receive holistic care across the sector.

More effort should be put in place to debunk adult social care misconceptions; education, awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts are instrumental in achieving this goal. By challenging stigma and highlighting the positive impact of social care for individuals and communities, we can attract a passionate and driven workforce whilst also creating safe and supportive spaces for those who need it.

Empowering social care requires collective action from policymakers, healthcare professionals, community leaders, recruiters, and the general public. By advocating for adequate funding, investing in workforce development, promoting collaboration and support, and challenging stigma, we can break down barriers and ensure adult social care thrives for everyone who needs it.

At Panoramic Associates, we are committed to benefitting our communities and empowering those in all social care sectors, including support for children. As such we are proud charity partners with Jessie May a charity which provides thorough children’s hospice support. Find out more about the wonderful work Jessie May does here.

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