Wed Aug 2023

Development & Regeneration Breakfast Briefing: Transforming Housing Allocations


Written by:
Alex Miller,
Practice Director

The UK Government’s Social Housing White Paper sets out a commitment to ensure social housing is allocated in the fairest way possible and achieves the best outcomes for local places and communities.
4 million households live in social rented housing, providing them with somewhere decent to live. The demand for social housing far exceeds the supply available. Making it more important than ever to ensure social housing is allocated fairly. 

We are excited to bring you the first Breakfast Briefing on the topic: ‘Transforming Housing Allocations’, hosted by Panoramic Associates Lead Principal Consultant Vanessa Gabriel-Penha!

We were joined by Neil Morland, Managing Director of Neil Morland & Co Housing Consultants, who discussed how policy and practice can be improved to ensure social housing is allocated fairly. Also invited to speak at the session was Kevin Millard, Product Manager at Huume, who explored how software is a solution to ensure social housing is allocated fairly.

The attendees were from local authorities and housing associations across the country who each had their own hurdles to face when it comes to social housing allocations.

The presentations were focused on how policy and practice can be improved to ensure social housing is allocated fairly while Kevin explored how software can be a solution to the problem.

 The discussion covered the following topics:

  • Improving joint working between local authorities and housing associations to ensure that social housing has been allocated efficiently.
  • Removing barriers to access to social housing for homeless households.
  • How to ensure vulnerable households are able to navigate local authorities’ application systems; and
  • Improve access to suitable homes for disabled people.

You can watch the full session here:

We, at Panoramic Associates, thoroughly enjoy getting insights into our specialist market sectors, other organisations and perspectives. We run these events to build our collective knowledge and provide opportunities to create a network of like-minded individuals.

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