Fri Feb 2024

Adult Social Care Breakfast Briefing: Commissioning, Councils & ICBs


Written by:
Samuel Bos-Coley,
Lead Consultant

In this Adult Social Care Breakfast Briefing, Kerrie Allward, Executive Director of Adult Social Care at Walsall Council, shares the story of their Place-based Partnership and Integrated Care arrangements.

Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) are one of the latest initiatives aimed at integrating care in the UK, providing joined-up support across the NHS and health and social care to better meet the needs of the population. However, despite the inherent benefits of ICBs, councils and Adult Social Care face a myriad of challenges in navigating this complex integration process. These challenges include coordination among diverse care providers, resource allocation, and the effective implementation of technology.

Kerrie’s talk begins with the recognition that if Walsall Council had started their journey through a commissioning lens they would not have got to where they are today. Kerrie goes on to share how her journey with Walsall began in 2016, when they were in the fortunate position to already have the Healthy Walsall Partnership Board established. This Board brought together all the senior leaders across Walsall, united with a shared ambition.

However, they recognised that they weren’t getting anywhere. They weren’t delivering programmes of activity that were helping them to achieve those ambitions. The Board therefore took the brave step to invest in a Systems Leadership approach. This brought together all the ‘seconds-in-command’ on a weekly basis with the aim to work out how their organisations could work better together.

After around 18 months, Walsall Together was born.

Kerrie’s talk shares more about what Walsall Together looked like and how it has evolved since its conception. This includes an introduction to their ‘Spectrum of Integrated Delivery’ and an in-depth look at their flagship service: ‘Intermediate Care Service’. Kerrie also provides insights into other projects, including: ‘Kindness Rocks’, tackling loneliness and isolation; ‘Work4Health’, supporting people into work, and ‘Diabetes Champions’.

Watch Kerrie’s talk below to discover the evolution of Walsall Together, how it came about, and the difference it has made to the communities of Walsall.

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