• Public Health Spotlight

Welcome to Public Health Spotlight, a podcast delving into the pivotal role of Directors of Public Health across the UK.

Welcome to Public Health Spotlight.

This is a podcast brought to you by Panoramic Associates in collaboration with the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH).

In this podcast series, we aim to shine a spotlight on the role of the Director of Public Health (DPH). Throughout the series, you’ll hear from Directors of Public Health across the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales, and the UK Crown Dependencies.

These professionals will share their experiences, challenges, and successes, offering invaluable insights and inspiration for the next wave of public health leaders.

Over the next few months, we’ll spotlight Directors of Public Health from Birmingham, Sheffield, Swindon, Camden, East Sussex, and many more as we aim to inspire the next wave.

Our first episode drops on Thursday, July 11th, so mark your calendars!

We are so excited to bring you this series soon and are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. We’ll be releasing regular episodes across our website, social media channels, and all major podcast streaming platforms.

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Our Podcast Hosts

  • Maisie Hockings

    Maisie Hockings

    Maisie Hockings

    Maisie Hockings

    Lead Practice Director

    Maisie is an experienced recruitment professional with over six years of experience at Panoramic Associates. As the Lead Practice Director, Maisie excels in senior-level recruitment, specialising in public health, social care, and executive director roles. Her client base extends across various regions, including the South East, London, West Midlands, and North West, where she consistently supports clients in finding top-tier talent. Maisie's dedication and approach have made her an invaluable asset in connecting local authorities with the candidates they need to thrive. 

  • Mia Collett

    Mia Collett

    Mia Collett

    Mia Collett

    Business Manager

    Mia Collett is a highly experienced Recruitment Manager with 8 years of expertise within the field, including four successful years recruiting within the Public Sector at Panoramic Associates. As the Manager of the Health and Social Care team, Mia provides comprehensive oversight for public health, children's and adults' services. She excels in recruiting for public health and executive director roles, ensuring that her clients secure the talent they need. Mia's recruitment efforts span the East of England, North East, South West, Scotland, and Wales, where her strategic approach and dedication have consistently delivered outstanding results for her clients.

‘I'm really proud to be launching the Panoramic Associates podcast series. Hopefully, people will gain an insight into the journey that got us to where we are, and we'll tell an interesting and inspiring story. And hopefully, listeners will learn a little bit from it too. You can be the judge of that!’
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