There has been much talk over recent months concerning the proposed further changes to IR35 affecting engagements with private sector organisations.

We work in partnership with our clients and having previously guided countless companies through the 2017 Public Sector IR35 reforms, we are well positioned to navigate the journey with you.

To continue ensuring our clients meet their obligations and achieve a smooth transition we have invested in a solution that ensures;

  • Removal of risk and liability

  • Detailed determination overviews

  • Swift electronic assessments

  • Automated delivery of determination and audit trails

  • Clear processes and outcomes

  • Contractor care and communications

In addition, we would be happy to talk you through the upcoming changes and can provide a detailed guide to the next steps, new requirements as well as offering guidance on engaging contractors.

Whether it's creating a clear project plan, providing guidance on best practice and process or reviewing the business impacts and the business opportunities, we can provide consultancy services to prepare you for the upcoming legislative changes. We can also communicate with your existing contractor workforce to help them understand more about how the reforms will impact them.

We are working closely with clients and candidates that may be affected by these changes and will ensure that we keep you informed of any decisions that affect you.