Lancashire County Council


Written by:
Maisie Hockings,
Practice Director



Our engagement began with a focused initiative on COVID reporting, leveraging data to provide timely and accurate insights into the situation. This involved the creation of comprehensive reports, presentations, and dashboard products that were vital in monitoring and communicating crucial information related to the pandemic. The success of this initial stage laid the foundation for the expanded case.

As the Public Health landscape transitioned from the acute phase of the pandemic, our collaboration shifted towards addressing business-as-usual tasks. This involved an array of ongoing public health initiatives, including a dedicated project on substance misuse.

In response to these evolving needs, our team continued to deliver a range of communication materials. Presentations served as a means to distil complex data into comprehensible insights, facilitating effective communication with stakeholders. Reports offered in-depth analyses, delving into the intricacies of various Public Health projects and providing valuable recommendations for decision-makers.




During the challenging times of the pandemic, we played a crucial role in delivering regular updates on COVID-19 cases, patient information, and the impact of the virus on the community. This involved the careful analysis and reporting of data to provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation, contributing to informed decision-making and strategic planning.

A key achievement was our contribution to Lancashire’s vaccination delivery planning, exceeding 1.2 million residents. Utilising data-driven insights, we crafted responsive vaccination strategies, ensuring successful and timely inoculation.

Beyond the pandemic, we facilitated a comprehensive review of substance misuse services. Our Quality Assurance Framework product guided lead commissioners and service heads in evaluating service effectiveness, timeliness, and equity, ensuring efficient service delivery and client support.




In response to COVID challenges, we established automated reporting systems using PowerBi, providing real-time COVID data. Regular Situational Report meetings presented findings, aiding stakeholders’ decisions. We set up vaccine uptake monitoring, enhancing public health strategy.

For substance misuse, we analysed client trends using published indicators and NDTMS data. Collaborating on a Quality Assurance Framework, we selected relevant metrics for service reshaping and monitoring. This framework ensured service alignment with best practices and allowed for continuous improvement, adapting to community needs and delivering high-quality care.


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    • Lancashire County Council

      Lancashire County Council

      Track Covid data during the pandemic, monitoring, analysis and reporting at DPH bi-weekly sit-rep meetings.
      Maisie Hockings
      • Maisie Hockings
      • Practice Director
    • City of Wolverhampton

      City of Wolverhampton

      We assisted them in defining the job specifications and taking the opportunity opportunities to market, using their brand.
      Alex Miller
      • Alex Miller
      • Practice Director
    • Birmingham City Council

      Birmingham City Council

      We provided Birmingham City Council with a proposal to source their whole team with 10 employees starting within a week and 10 the week after. 
      Ffion Grosvenor
      • Ffion Grosvenor
      • Lead Practice Director
    • North Northamptonshire Council

      North Northamptonshire Council

      Track Covid data during the pandemic, monitoring, analysis and reporting at DPH bi-weekly sit-rep meetings.
      Mia Collett
      • Mia Collett
      • Business Manager
    • Swindon Borough Council

      Swindon Borough Council

      Swindon Borough Council has a large capital programme across its residential stock.
      Tom Selman
      • Tom Selman
      • Director
    • Hull City Council

      Hull City Council

      Panoramic Associates picked up a conversation with the Head of Service and took the time to understand their requirements and the problem they were having.
      Miles Pakeman
      • Miles Pakeman
      • Lead Senior Consultant
    • Surrey County Council

      Surrey County Council

      Surrey were recruiting for an Interim Assessment Team Manager their initial recruitment pathway was unsuccessful.
      Isobel Astley-Cooper
      • Isobel Astley-Cooper
      • Director
    • Fulkers Bailey Russell

      Fulkers Bailey Russell

      Fulkers had recently (18 Months) opened an office in Brighton to service a number of high profile clients in the area.
      Dan Bown
      • Dan Bown
      • Lead Senior Consultant
    • Sixty Bricks

      Sixty Bricks

      In February 2020, Panoramic Associates aided in building an interim development team for Sixty Bricks.
      Alex Miller
      • Alex Miller
      • Practice Director
    • WV Living

      WV Living

      This was to help build and develop a range of new affordable home solutions for the region.
      Tom Selman
      • Tom Selman
      • Director
    • Huntingdonshire District Council

      Huntingdonshire District Council

      Huntingdonshire District Council were seeking a Head of Housing Delivery to drive the timely delivery of new housing supply.
      Tom Selman
      • Tom Selman
      • Director
    • BCP Council

      BCP Council

      When the pandemic hit, BCP Council found that after an initial quiet period, they began to pick up a lot of requests for assessments from both schools and parents. 
      Lewis Gould
      • Lewis Gould
      • Director