The Development & Regeneration Series - Creation and Management of Council Owned Development Companies

April 2021 by Alex Miller

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Earlier this month, Panoramic Associates' Lead Senior Consultant Alex Miller launched the first installment of The Development & Regeneration Series! Alex held a Breakfast Briefing discussing the Creation and Management of Council Owned Development Companies.

The purpose of the event was to bring together senior leaders within the housing development space to share ideas with other like-minded professionals in the sector and obtain a fresh perspective on current Local Authority challenges.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the country has seen an enormous shift to remote working where some are feeling isolated and are craving alternative interactions. As a result, Panoramic Associates thought it would be a proactive task organising a breakfast briefing to allow senior leaders in the industry an opportunity to virtually share best practice.

We were joined by four speakers who have all been instrumental once in creating and managing Housing Development Vehicles across the southern regions of the UK. The main bulk of the speaker’s presentation was to discuss their experiences once creating their respected vehicles and to highlight their companies key objectives. 

​During this session, our speakers covered the following topics:

Barbara Richardson, Managing Director of RBWN Property Company LTD, discussed how they explored creative solutions to convert Maidenheads Golf Course into a plausible housing site. Barbara also explained how they tackled their complex land assembly sites due to relocating challenges.

Vic O'Brien, former Chief Operating Officer at WV Living, discussed the company’s in-house sales programme and explained the methods they have used to create local investment and jobs for people in the Wolverhampton area.

Barbara Brownlee, Managing Director of Westminster Builds, covered the relationship between Westminster Builds and the two JV’s it has set up. The company has unlocked two stalled developments in the borough using this mechanism by taking sales risk and finding innovative funding solutions at a difficult time on the market.

​Emma Osmundsen, Managing Director at Exeter City Living, went into detail about how they develop the core principles of the triple bottom line, with a particular emphasis on ensuring that the homes of the future will be made up of low to zero carbon homes to tackle the Local Authority climate emergency declaration.

​It was a very interesting discussion, and it was great to have views from different development vehicles to address similar challenges.

We, at Panoramic Associates, thoroughly enjoy getting insights into our specialist market sectors, other organisations and perspectives. We run these events to build our collective knowledge and provide opportunities to create a network of like-minded individuals.

If you have any suggestions on future topics for our next event or would be interested in attending, please contact Alex at