Crown Commercial Services

As a named supplier on the CCS RM6160 Framework, Panoramic Associates can provide the best contractors on the market to our NHS and central government client base cost-effectively and with ease.​​

What is the CCS Framework?

Crown Commercial Service plays an important role in helping the UK public sector save money when buying common goods and services. The RM6160 Framework is a national agreement, available for use by any public sector contracting body in the UK.

​​Suppliers are actively managed and robust inspections are conducted by the CCS to ensure full compliance with NHS Employment Check Standards and Skills for Health.

​​Find out more on the Framework HERE.

​​First and foremost, the CCS RM6160 agreement gives you the peace of mind that our rates will be transparent and competitive as a result of strict benchmarking and the competitive tendering processes.

​​Our teams are dedicated to working with the Public Sector, so have the specialist sector knowledge as well as the role specific expertise to support your organisation in sourcing the specialists you need.

​​By working with Panoramic Associates via the CCS Framework you will benefit from:

  • ​A Clear Charge Rate straightforward rate card.

  • Risk Management reduced by an approved supplier.

  • Management Information on-demand spend report.

  • Consistency standardised terms and spec.

  • Compliance with all HMRC regulatory requirements.

  • Reliability

  • Efficiency single point of contact and centralised process.

  • Flexibility tailored agreements according to requirements.

​We can also offer Statement of Work / Project Team Solutions to enable you to hire multiple contractors with a higher level of governance.